original art by Ross Ulbricht, created in prison.

Play with Ross to reveal his view of the Silk Road trial and help his appeal. Click on grid. $1/square.


Choose squares one-by-one or make a bulk selection:10 25 50

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Post a message at checkout (optional section). It will display on your square when you hover over it.

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About this site

Inspired by a dream, Ross Ulbricht had an idea to raise funds using his artwork. The result is a unique drawing, made in prison. It depicts how Ross saw the trial, revealed square by square.

For more info about Ross and his appeal go to

How to play:

  1. Each square = $1. Pick as many as you like!
  2. On computer: Hover over the image, pick a square, and click.
  3. On phone: Zoom in and touch image to select. Your choice appears outlined in red.
  4. Bulk select 10, 25, or 50 squares with a single click.
  5. At checkout you can tag your squares with a message.
  6. Once paid, your part of the picture is revealed.

Choose any of the 21 lucky squares and you will win a one gram gold bar from Roberts & Roberts Brokerage. Once the entire drawing is revealed, they will send you the gold. Email address required.

You can pre-purchase a poster of the artwork, or bid on the framed original in the auction, both available now in the Store.

100% of payments go to fund Ross' appeal and fight precedent that will imperil digital/personal privacy and Internet freedom.

Special thanks to Derrick Slopey of for the development work that made this web page possible.


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